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Restaurante Entretierras

Entretierras - The project

The building that today houses the Entretierras Restaurant was conceived in 2001 as a family home with the characteristics of the architecture of the area not only in its external appearance, but also in the construction system. In order to maintain the traditional elements, it was made with earth (mud and adobe), stone, pine wood from forest harvesting crops and other reused materials.



Both the volume of the building and the techniques and construction materials used are characteristic of this region, so the impression it gives to the visitor is that this building is from a period similar to the rest of the houses in the town, most of which have been rebuilt. after the fire that devastated Urueña in 1876.

The adaptation of the house in the Entretierras restaurant has maintained all the characteristics of the original construction and offers two large dining rooms and a private space for work or family gatherings. In addition, a garden where you can enjoy a cool and pleasant patio to rest during your visit to Urueña, which is completed on summer dates with live music, cinema and other recreational activities.

This project aims to achieve maximum professionalism in the work team, offer a service with excellent treatment and present a quality product claiming the products of our land.

In addition, it is committed to protective measures for the environment and ethical principles that can be assumed by the entire team, among others:

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